Julie LaRow, PhD, LCSW


Dr. Julie LaRow is an International Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a primary focus on Trauma Informed Care. Dr. LaRow received her PhD in International Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She received a master’s degree in Social Work from Boston University and her undergraduate degree from Colorado State University.    In 2005, Dr. LaRow also received a postgraduate certificate in the Advanced Treatment of Trauma from Boston University. Throughout her career her primary focus has been trauma services with children and adults.   Dr. LaRow developed and conducted a mixed method study in Rwanda addressing the need to understand the unique culture specific dynamics of trauma based mental health.

With over 15 years of clinical experience, Dr. LaRow has held positions in direct practice and leadership roles in a variety of settings. Years of working with trauma mental health have sparked her interests in exploring program and leadership development in local and in international settings. Dr. LaRow’s research interests are in trauma informed care, emotional and cultural intelligence as well as leadership assessment and development.  Her work with survivors of trauma has highlighted the gaps and limitations to programing and leadership theories. Dr. LaRow has developed and facilitated cultural competency and leadership development trainings in both the private and military sectors.

Dr. LaRow is an adjunct professor with the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of West Florida. Additionally, Dr. LaRow is co-owner of Lewter and LaRow consulting group, whose mission is to strengthen International Psychology and global business by providing training, assessment and consultation on cross cultural practices.

Through out her work, Dr. LaRow demonstrates a strong commitment to the service of others and dedication to the fields of psychology and social work.

Dr. LaRow

(617) 877 6672


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