Roblyn P. Lewter, PhD



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Dr. Roblyn Lewter is an International Psychologist who holds a doctoral degree in International Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Lewter’s area of expertise is cultural intelligence and as such, she has designed and/or taught a number of college courses in the areas of cultural intelligence and diversity at Stratford University, the University of the District of Columbia and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr.Lewter is currently the Faculty Lead for the Online Arts & Science Department at Stratford University where she is actively collaborating with colleagues from  Virginia Commonwealth University on a mindfulness study and its’ impact on success in both academic and general life settings. 

Dr. Lewter co-owns an international consulting firm, Lewter & LaRow, where the goal is to train individuals and entities globally on the importance of cultural and emotional intelligence. In addition, Dr. Lewter collaborates with Hardwired Inc., to mobilize and provide training to local leaders globally on how to appropriately work to advocate the enforcement and support of universal human rights laws that protect the  freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief for all people.

Throughout all of her professional endeavors, Dr. Lewter,  has demonstrated a consistent and strong commitment towards ensuring that people globally have access to psychological services needed to ensure the maintenance of their health and well-being. She has demonstrated a fearlessness in addressing the tough issues and standing in the fire to ensure that all people have these basic universal rights. Even more remarkable is Dr. Lewter’s over 18 years of experience in the psychology field where she has spent her career helping to empower and motivate others.


Dr. Lewter

(202) 262 7387

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